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Xi Jinping Head Candle

Xi Jinping Head Candle

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Paramount leader of China since 2012, Xi Jinping’s political thoughts have been written into the party and state constitutions. Xi is largely considered to be a powerful dictator or an authoritarian leader among political and academic observers, citing an increase of censorship and mass surveillance, a deterioration in human rights, the cult of personality developing around him, and the removal of term limits for the leadership under his tenure. [Wikipedia] 

Now that’s a hot take on censorship, folks! Whether a housewarming gift, an office prank, a birthday present, or a zany offering for your politically-charged roommate, the Xi Hot Head candle is sure to be an unique gift that will fire up any occasion. 

Xi Hot Head candles are unscented and made with a custom blend of soy and other waxes, using high quality dyes. They stand approximately 2.5 inches tall and are about 2 inches wide. 

“Some foreigners with full bellies and nothing better to do engage in finger-pointing at us.” – Xi Jinping 

  • General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) since 2012
  • President of the People's Republic of China (PRC) since 2013
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