The Story Behind Hot Head Candles

I'm Will Markusen, the founder and operator of Hot Head Candles – a scrappy little novelty candle business, based in Portland, Oregon. This started off as a weekend project I conjured up for me and my ten-year-old daughter to do a couple years ago. We wanted to see if we could figure out a way to make a candle in the shape of a head, so we could watch it melt.

Our prototype was a bit rough, but it was a head no-less, and it was quite satisfying to watch it burn. Over the following weeks we made more, and different heads – and we gave them to friends and family as gifts.

Eventually, after some encouragement, we setup an Etsy shop to start selling them online, and to our surprise people bought them. Fast forward to today, we now have a full line of various head candles for sale, and add new ones often. All Hot Heads are still handmade by me, in my garage, with the help of my daughter.